Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom and Latin

Thanks in no small way to the success of Strictly Come Dancing, Ballroom and Latin Dancing
has experienced a resurgence in recent years.  As the leading strict tempo dance band in the
Midlands we work closely with dance clubs, instructors and dancers to ensure that you get the
right mix of dances at the right tempos.  


We are also very experienced in Sequence Dancing and know exactly what is required for this
very popular part of the Ballroom Dancing scene.  Whether its  a Saunter Together,
Mayfair Quickstep, Square Tango, Balmoral Blues or Sallyanne Cha Cha we will get the music
and tempos right for you on the night!

Party Dances

Old time party dances such as the Barn Dance, Veleta, St Bernards Waltz, Gay Gordons,
Palais Glide, Conga, March of the Mods and Lambeth Walk are all within our repertoire should
you wish to include any of these at your event.